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Ecuador is a country with very diverse features and adventurers. The adventurers found in Ecuador include cruising through the Galapagos’ islands, shopping at the Otavalo market or climbing of the snow-capped mountains.

What are the different things you can see and do in Ecuador?

Galapagos Islands, these islands offer you with best wildlife spotting experience in the world. These Islands found 600 miles from the Coast of Ecuador are the most popular tourist attraction in Ecuador. The opportunity of being able to view the wildlife at this locality is amazing and a breathtaking experience. Others activities at these historic Island include swimming with the sea lions and also learning geology in the formation of the volcanic mountain.

Visiting the equator in Quito, you only require a few bus rides to be able to reach the Mitad Del Mundo meaning the middle of the world. The equator is marked with a series of experiments that you will be able to experience.

Downhill Mountain biking on the Cotopaxi Volcano, this is the most interesting adventure that can involve persons of any age. The activity involves you driving up an elevation of about 4,500 meters then jump on mountain bikes combined with a speedy ride back to about 3,300 meters.



Pay a visit to the Amazon jungle. You get the chance to learn more on the exotic wildlife inhabiting the rain-forest together with the culture of the people inhabiting the rain-forest.

What is good to know before traveling to Ecuador?

• Ensure your travel checklist is in good order including all the routine immunizations that one should have to prevent the contraction of certain conditions.

• Female travelers should dress conservatively while on a visit to Ecuador. The Ecuadorians are very conservative people; women dress in a respectful manner avoiding putting dresses such as miniskirts and spaghetti straps.

Popular location with crime activities, these include the Virgin monument located in Quito. The mustard scam involves you stepping on mustard strategically packaged, then stranger volunteers to help you clean yourself then in the process you end up being robbed your wallet or other valuables.

• You should bring with you sunscreen to the Galapagos island as the weather there gets very hot and sunny. Seasickness is also common at this attraction site. Thus you should consider bringing with you the necessary drugs to manage the condition. The Galapagos Island is infested with mosquitoes, but they don’t transmit malaria or dengue fever. Thus, there is no need of carrying anti-malarial agent to the islands.

• During your exploration activities, in the less popular parks and mountains, you should always consult an informed tour guide and also inform a friend of the time you will take during the activity. You should also consider carrying with you a rain jacket just in case it happens to rain.

• It is also a good thing to learn some basic Spanish language so as to be able to interact with the locals more easily.

What are some of the money-saving tips while in Ecuador?

• Reside at Hostages; these are family run guest houses. They offer an affordable accommodation option.

• Purchase food at the markets, you can find cheaper foodstuff compared to eating in hotels.

• Book last minute tours, you could save up to 40 percent off the cost of the trip.

What is the typical cost that you will incur in Ecuador?

• Accommodation costs

• Buying of meals

• Transportation charges

• Activities such as riding on the Devils Nose train costing around 25 dollars.