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Sierra dishes

Sierra is considered the favorite dishes of people in the Ecuadorian highlands. The Sierras dishes revolve around potatoes, corns and avocadoes. They are specially prepared by skilled cookers, and a single taste will leave you yearning for more of these dishes. The most common dishes served in highland areas of Ecuador include the mouth-watering combination of fried patties and mashed potatoes.

Appetizers and food found on the streets.

Pinchos. It mainly composed of meat, potato and vegetable kebabs that you can eat at any place. They are usually common with commuters on the busy streets

• Cevichochos. It is a raw seafood mainly shellfish soaked with lime juice mainly found at the coastlines of Ecuador. You won’t miss Cevichochos carts while walking down by the beaches in Ecuador.

Churro. They are also common on the beach. They are tiny sea nails that are served with diced onions and Lime.

• Melcocha. It is a delicious candy for those on the go.

• Pan de Yuca. It is derived from yucca roots and also cheese bread. It can be served while still hot with chewy bread. It is usually turned into a tortilla in the rainforest.

Soups and Stews

Soups and stews are mainly served with mashed potatoes and bread. soup

• Locro De Papas. It is a make consisting of creamed potatoes that are garnished with cheese and avocados.

• Guatitas. It is a soup that is derived from the stomach parts of a cow. It can be served with potatoes and peanut sauce.

• Seco de Chivo. Originates from other parts of a goat except the stomach. It is also served with potatoes or peanut sauce

• Sopa de Bolas de Verdes. The soup is mainly stuffed with meat and vegetables and is served with corn and yucca. The soup is made of planting dumplings.

Main Dishes in Ecuador

Look out for these delicious dishes while in Ecuador;

• Fridata. Fridata is pork that is cooked with spices. The spices are normally mixed with water and then the pork dipped into the spiced water. It can be served with corn and boiled potatoes.

• Homado. It is a roasted pig meat served with llapingachos or corn.

Lomo Saltado. These are strips of beef with onions and garlic added as core spices. You can eat it with boiled potatoes.

• Menestras. It is a Lentil stew.

Drinks and beverages from Ecuador

Aguardiente. It is sugar cane juice. Other converts into a spirit.

Canelazo. It’s a beverage usually made from blackberry juice and warmed before drinking. Sugarcane alcohol is normally added to this juice.

Morocho. The drink is made from dried and cracked corn kernels. Milk and sugar are added to make it better.