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This article informs you on the most authentic and exclusive hostels that you can use for accommodation on your visit to Ecuador.

1. The Esperanto Hostel.

The Esperanto Hostel is located in the region around Montanita. The hostel is surrounded by interesting activities such as the wild parties together with great mouth-watering meals. The occupants of the Esperanto Hostel find a lot of fun in taking part in these wild parties, together with the quiet and peaceful sleep at the hostel. The best surf schools and surf areas are located, which can be accessed within a five-minute walk.

The Esperanto hostel is kept clean, and the environment surrounding the hostel is well maintained. The hostel staff is very friendly and social people ready to assist you with assistance at any given time. The staff at Esperanto Hostel are passionate people and well informed on matters concerning travelling, surfing and history about Montanita. The prices at this hostel are affordable and you end getting the value for your money through the services offered at the hostel.

The hostel also offers its occupants with the best beach views in Montanita. The hammocks found on the roof terrace enable you to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach.

2. The community hostel.

The hostel is located within the historic Quito town, strategically from the airport with a 45 minutes’ drive depending on the traffic. The staff working at the community hostel are open and friendly ready to attend to your services at any time. The meals offered at the community hostel are delicious and affordable.

The hostel rooms are well furnished; a common room is also provided where the occupants of the hostel get to meet each other together with the staff and interact. As guests in the hostel, you are taken through different activities and tours.

The bedrooms are well maintained, and the bathrooms are equipped with hot showers for guests that prefer showering with warm water. The hostel is also equipped with free WIFI enabling its occupant’s access internet.

3. Otavalo Huasi l

The hostel is located at the historic town Quito. The staff working at the hostel are very friendly to you ready to serve you at any time. The rooms where you get to sleep are well cleaned, and hygiene of the place is highly observed.

The hostel is equipped with a 24-hour customer service, dedicated to serving their clients at any time of the day. The bedrooms also contain private bathrooms with hot showers for 24 hours. The rooms are also equipped with free WIFI available in all areas within the hostel.

The reception services include the 24-hour customer service, Newspapers given to clients, a safety deposit desk together with a safe luggage storage area. Private parking services are also offered at three dollars per day.

4. Aleida’s Hostal

The hostel is strategically located with a five minutes’ walk to La Mariscal. The hostel is surrounded by various commercial entities such as banks, business institutions and international hotels.

The Aleida’s Hostal offers you with plenty of services once you book an accommodation with them. You are provided with various room options including single rooms, double rooms and triple rooms. The couple also has their special rooms.

Services you will encounter at the Aleida’s hostel include hot water showers, laundry services, television with cable equipped with a DVD player.