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History Comes Alive

Cañar, in the southern Andean region, is home to Ecuador’s most important archaeological site – Ingapirca. Here, the Pre-Colombian finds and the Temple of the Sun attract hundreds of visitors year round. The province also has interesting indigenous markets and lakes. The climate here is relatively cool.



This scenic provincial capital is famous for its colonial homes with their carved wooden balconies and for the beauty of the cathedral in town’s central square. The Virgen de la Nube is also worshipped in the San Francisco de Azogues Church.


Ingapirca Ruins - The Mark of the Incas

Characterized by its perfectly carved stones held in place with natural mortar as well as for its and its strategic location, Ingapirca is the most important archaeological complex in Ecuador. Cemeteries, observatories, roads, storage rooms, priests’ chambers, and an indigenous plaza have all been found here in addition to the site’s most impressive structure - the oval-shaped Temple of the Sun, which was an important ceremonial and ritual center for the Cañari-Inca. Ingapirca is located 53 km from Azogues.


Towns and Villages

High up above Biblián, you will find the Santuary of theVírgen del Rocío, a rather impressive site for tourists. Nearby Verdeloma as well as the beaches of La Fátima and San Luis are also worth a visit. Tambo (43 km from Azogues) also has a church with several valuable pieces of religious art and in Déleg (25 km from Azogues) you can see colorful handicrafts such as shigras (bags), colorful belts, and ponchos.


Yanayacu Spa

Set in the beautiful surrounding of the rural Andean highlands, the Yanayacu Spa is an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation. The spa is located 126 km from Azogues.


Culebrillas Lake

This lake, with its resident wild duck colony, is ideal for those that like hunting and fishing. The lake is located 75 km from Azogues.


Cañari Cemetery

Near Cañar, you will find the ancient cemetery of the Cañari culture. Here, pottery with distinctive snake patterns are kept in a necropolis.


Culture & Traditions

Saturday is market day in Azogues. Here, you can buy straw hats, woven fabrics, and pottery.


Map of Cañar, Ecuador
Province's Capital Road Cities
Ethnic Group Archaeological Site Sangay

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