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From Reserves to Traditions

With an unbeatable tropical climate and a temperature which almost always oscillates between 22 and 23 degrees centigrade, Los Ríos, lying in the Guayas River Basin, is a great place to visit privately run protected areas and witness coastal traditions such as rodeos.


Babahoyo, Los Ríos' capital, is flanked by two rivers, the San Pablo and the Caracol, which join to form the Babahoyo river which, in turn, flows into the Guayas River, eventually ending in the sea. One of the most interesting excursions that the area offers is sailing down the Babahoyo, taking in the countryside and the traditional lifestyle of the area's campesinos who live off of the land, sowing crops and raising cattle. One feature of this journey that is sure to catch your eye will be the floating houses unique to the area. Another interesting sight is that of the house of Olmedo, a famous writer who penned the "Canto a Bolívar".

Noteworthy attractions of the capital itself include the verdant gardens of Parque 24 de Mayo and the city's main cathedral, which is decorated with an enormous mosaic mural depicting the Virgin Mary. Another impressive sight is that of Vinces (a.k.a. Little Paris). This district, with its well-preserved colonial mansions once belonging to wealthy cocoa merchants, is a charming relic of days gone by.


Playas - Guayaquil Was Here

El Salto and Río Seco, both on the Playa Farms, are two interesting places to visit.. Another must-see attraction is the Dimas inlet. In past times one of the first foundations of Guayaquil was laid here.


Río Palenque Scientific Research Center - Plants, Birds, and Virgin Rain Forest

The 247-hectare Río Palenque Scientific Research Center protects a tropical rain forest containing an amazing wealth of biodiversity. Within the Center, there are 1,216 species of plants, 360 species of birds, and 350 unique species of butterflies, among others. The Center can comfortably accommodate 26 people and also contains an extensive library.


Pedro Franco Dávila Biological Research Center (Juaneche)

The province of Los Ríos is home to 321 hectares of tropical rain forest. Among other natural resources and wonders, this area hosts 723 identified species of vascular plants and 231 epiphytes. There are various facilities available here to visitors. The center is looked after by The University of Guayaquil’s Natural Sciences Department.


Miraculous Waterfall

One of Babahoyo’s more notable attractions is a natural spring known as the “Miraculous Waterfall”. Located roughly 35 km outside of Babahoyo, this cascading falls is said to have many medicinal properties.


Culture & Traditions

Every year on October 12th, the region’s farmers hold a traditional rodeo. This is typically coastal farmers’ festivity is celebrated in various villages throughout Los Ríos and Guayas. The riders break in wild horses which constantly buck and rear. These strong, skilled countrymen also catch rams in a kind of cowboy show which always delights spectators.



Shrimp, shellfish, and fish ceviches are the cuisine of choice among locals and tourists alike. As in other parts of the Pacific Coast region, rice and beans, fried plantains, and caldo de manguera (pork tripe soup) are also local favorites.


Map of Los Ríos, Ecuador

Province's Capital Road Cities


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