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The Newest Province

Orellana, Ecuador’s newest province, whose capital is Francisco de Orellana, has only existed since 1999 and has four cantons. Orellana is rich in oil and wood reserves and has beautiful scenery and a wealth of flora and fauna. It borders Sucumbíos to the north, Pastaza to the south, Peru to the east, and Napo to the west. The Province’s principle indigenous inhabitants are the Huaorani, Schuar, and Quichua communities. Orellana has a total surface area of 20,652.6 square kilometers.

Puerto Francisco de Orellana

The colorful streets of Francisco de Orellana are full of business and artisans who have emigrated here from all over the country. The native populations, on the other hand, maintain their traditional lifestyle in the jungle. From here boats depart to Iquitos, Peru; Puerto Leticia, Colombia; and Tabatinga, Manaus, and Belón in Brazil. The fascinating route down the Napo through the dense jungle comes alive with the sounds of animals as you glide down the river.



Orellana has large, wide rivers, dense tropical rain forests, enormous natural reserves, and a high concentration of indigenous communities.


Map of Orellana, Ecuador

Province's Capital Road Cities


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