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Amazon > Provinces > Pastaza

Cinnamon Country

Pastaza and its surrounding areas were known as the “Cinnamon Province” in colonial times. Today it is a must-see spot for tourists looking to get in touch with nature and live out an Amazon adventure. The area’s exuberant forests and large variety of animal and plant species are its principal attractions. With a wet, tropical climate, the area’s average temperature is 26 degrees centigrade.

Towns and Villages

Puyo, Pastaza’s capital, is known its developed tourist infrastructure, hospitable citizens, and tasty cuisine. The Cathedral and Parque Central are meeting points for its hard working townsfolk. One Puyo’s most important monuments is the Macahua, a symbol of the region’s handicraft production. The town of Mera is also a beautiful destination as well as important oil exploration center. Some points of interest in Mera are its large pool, the bathing areas along the Alpayacu River, the scenic beaches along the Pastaza and Chico rivers, and the falls at Mangayacu, Tigre, and Quilo. You can also visit the caves in the May 24th District and walk to the Pindo Lookout.


“Misterio de los Dioses” Falls

Sixteen km outside of Puyo along the Puyo-Macas road, you’ll find the Misterio de los Dios Falls, where legend has it that rituals in honor of mythical Gods were performed. El Porvenir Waterfall is also nearby, located a short distance from the village of the same name.


Curaray River

Several indigenous communities live along this river. While visiting these communities, you’ll have the chance to see crocodiles, parrots, toucans, caiman, boas, and piranhas near Pavachi.



Pastaza has several delicacies such as fish and palm heart maytos, guanta , guatusa, and danta stew, sancocho,empanadas, and yucca bread. As in all other jungle communities, chicha made from yucca or banana is the most popular drink.


Map of Pastaza, Ecuador
Province's Capital Road Cities
Rafting Handicrafts Ethnic Group


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