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Volunteering in Ecuador

| Volunteering in Ecuador | NGOs and Non-Profits in Ecuador |


If you have your heart set on doing some good there is no better place to do it than Ecuador. The people of this beautiful country are some of the friendliest in the world, however, poverty in the region created tough living conditions for many people. Volunteer opportunities abound throughout Ecuador. From orphanages to rainforest preserves there are many organizations that work for this South American country and they are severely understaffed.

We list a few volunteer possibilities below, though the best way to find a position that will reward Ecuador and you is simply to come to Quito and ask around. You will find something within a few days.


Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations

Charitable and non-profit organizations in your home country may operate programs in Ecuador. Most of these programs are volunteer-based, although paid positions for foreigners are occasionally available. There are also a number of Ecuadorian institutions who accept foreigners in paid and non-paid capacities. It is usually easier to arrange a volunteer position or internship with organizations based in Ecuador (as opposed to those in the States or Europe).

Below is a list of organizations to contact. With volunteer and internship programs it is important to obtain clear information regarding the length of commitment expected, and what kind of qualifications or experience you need in order to be a successful volunteer.

The following organizations have ongoing volunteer programs. Visit linked websites for more information. Many organizations accept qualified volunteers on the spot, so don't be shy about contacting the relevant person while in Ecuador.

*This information was kindly submitted by www.ecuadorexplorer.com who originally published it in their Work and Volunteer in Ecuador page.


| Volunteering in Ecuador | NGOs and Non-Profits in Ecuador |

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