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Ecuador is a country located on the Pacific Coast of South America. Its occupants speak majorly Spanish as their language. Travelers to Ecuador interested are offered some options to avoid inconveniences that may arise due to not understanding the Spanish language.

  • Step 1
    Ecuador tourist’s establishments have employed English speaking stuff. The taxi drivers and the Ecuadorian citizens often use Spanish as their language. Therefore, travelers going to Ecuador need to learn basic Spanish language to avoid inconveniences that could arise during communication. Spanish lessons are offered at most popular destinations in Ecuador with a fee of four dollars to six dollars per hour.
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    Travelers whose Spanish is uncertain also have an option of traveling with a guide book. Travelers could carry the Lonely Planet guide book among others since they provide useful practical travel information. Travelers should pay attention to signposts in the various cities indicating their locations. This is extremely important because tourist’s information and guides are rarely found in Ecuador. Consulting the instructions contained in the sign posts found in various cities is very important. Normally, the information contained in these sections informs the travelers on the distance connecting the city they are into other neighboring cities. Travelers are also able to be informed of the charges for buses required to move from one city to another.
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    Ecuador travelers also should learn about the prices charged by the taxi drivers and buses. Taxi drivers and buses tend to use travelers ignorance of the Spanish language as an opportunity to raise fares and make extra cash. To avoid being a victim of this, one needs to familiarize themselves with the normal fare charged from one destination to another. Travelers should also consult their hotel staff on the standard rates being charged to avoid overpaying. Agree with the taxi driver on the price to pay before entering the vehicle, if they happen to quote a price higher than the standard rates then look for another taxi driver.
  • Step 4
    Spanish beginners are planning to travel to Ecuador, also need to make an online booking of accommodation. Ecuador consists of plenty of hotels and hostels, which of risen in large numbers. Travelers should keenly go through services offered by the various guesthouses in Ecuador and select a place that will be comfortable for them, considering factors such as prices and overview of the various services offered.
  • Step 5 Study and travel option
    There are Spanish schools in Ecuador that offer the “study and travel “program to travelers in Ecuador. Travelers can sign up for this program that enables them to combine both Spanish classes with the tourism activity. The study and travel program gives travelers the chance to explore the rich culture, history, tradition and the general Ecuador environment. It is a five-day program involving both Spanish classes and exploration activities. Travelers are also able to spend one week in Amazon forest lodge where they get the opportunity to understand the biodiversity and relationship of the forest with its inhabitants.
  • Step 6
    Travelers could also opt to learn the Spanish language through group lessons being offered at Catholic University Language Courses. For those wishing to study in the beach localities, could attend Spanish schools located along the beautiful tourist beach.