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Ecuador is home to one of the most famous rainforest in the world. Of course everybody has heard of the famous Amazon rainforest

The Amazon forest hosts what is termed as a remarkable biodiversity any forest can have. It consists of over 800 species of fish which also including the dreaded piranhas. It is also a home to 400 species of reptiles which include the Amazon crocodiles, the anacondas and the iguanas. The forest also boasts of more than 300 species of mammals with the most conspicuous of the category being the Jaguars and the naughty Amazon monkeys. The Amazon forest also has over twenty thousand species of plants with thousands of insects believed to be over 70,000.

The Amazon is a bird paradise, and if you love watching or studying birds, this is the place to visit. The Amazon rainforest has over 3600 species of birds in it which is twice the number of birds found in North America. The forest has numerous birds with a fascinating feature that will leave with a legendary experience. Some of the common birds in Amazon include Toucans, macaws and tanagers.

The rainforest region is also a home to different indigenous groups that are considered uncontacted tribes in Ecuador. The main tribes found within the rainforest consist of two major groups, the taromenane and tagaeri tribes. These tribes largely depend on Amazon for everything ranging from their food to their clothing. The tribes live in complete isolation within the forest and only depend on animal meat and plants for survival. Contact with the modern for these tribes is like waiting for a star to fall; they prefer and enjoy their way of living in the forest than any other tribe living in the modern world. The government of Ecuador even went ahead, and drafted constitution that give these tribes the right to be left alone and any violation of their right can earn you a couple f years in Ecuador’s prisons. The visitor is often advised by the tour guides to approach them carefully and never bother them with questions because they are also a hostile bunch.

Lately, Amazon rainforest has been entangled in numerous controversies due to the presence of oil in where it is located. The issue has led to numerous battles between environmental organizations and the authorities on mining the oil found below the forest. For instance, the government of Ecuador recently approved mining of oil which lies in under Yasuni National Park, and there have been varying views about the decision. What we know is that should the mining continue the forest will be greatly compromised and sooner than later we won’t be having the great Amazon Rainforest anymore. The future of Amazon rainforest, especially on the Ecuador side, solely lies within the powers of the governments and the determination of the environmental non-governmental organizations found in that country.

If you want to have a perfect encounter with animals in this rainforest, you have to go deeply into the forest and this often require the help of a tour guide since deep in the forest is very dangerous. However, there are several sites in the Amazon forest especially the Ecuador part that offers tour services deep into the forest putting into consideration the safety for everyone.