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Like previously said, Ecuador is a country that boast a very rich heritage of cultural and historical attractions in the whole world. These entire heritages are set within a backdrop of natural elegance with landscapes ranging from forests and numerous volcanoes. The most amazing thing in this country is that you will find almost any form of natural heritage with almost any kind of environment.

The Ecuador government acknowledges tourism as one of the important sources of revenue. Each year, thousands of tourists flock various beaches, wildlife reserves and the famous Galapagos Islands to view the natural blessings Ecuador have. As a result, the government has boosted the infrastructure in the whole country to help in easy movement of tourists in the whole country.

One can access the major tourist destinations in Ecuador by road, sea transport and air transport.

Top tourist attraction in Ecuador


It is one of the places in Ecuador that provides a scenic view of the capital Quito. Cotopaxi is a place that contains active volcanoes recorded as one of the highest in the worlds with over forty eruptions since the year 1739. The snow-capped peak that is the second highest peak in Ecuador forms a fascinating scene at the backdrop the volcanoes. Cotopaxi volcanoes also boast as few with equatorial glaciers in the whole world.

Cuyabeno Reserve

In case you are a tourist who loves watching animals, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the place to check out. Cuyabeno reserve contains a wide variety of wildlife animals that enables you to combine the breathtaking tropical adventure with a scenic wildlife viewing. The wildlife consists of more than 4000 species of birds and over 50 species of monkeys and also anacondas. You can also enjoy a cool treat of watershed while on tour within the forest. It is the second largest reserve in Ecuador.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands consist of small volcanic islands that are isolated in the northeastern parts of the Pacific Ocean. These islands are known globally for forming a basis for Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection due to the existence of unique ecosystem in these islands. In these islands, you will get certain animals you have never seen before such as giant tortoises, the sea lions and marine iguanas. However, you must be very vigilant when visiting such islands since the habitat of such animals should not be affected in any way. Also, the safety standards should be observed during a visit to Galapagos Islands.

Otavalo Market

Otavalo market can be a fun market to those tourists who love collecting things whenever they travel. It can also be a fun place for those who love handicrafts that are crafted by the local artists in Ecuador. There is no any other place in the whole of Ecuador that will treat to a spectacular piece of artwork like the Otavalo market. You can stop by for a broad array of jewelry wood and stone carvings which are offered for sale especially on Saturdays.


Montanita is a small town situated in the coastal region of Ecuador. It boasts some of the most spectacular beaches and shorelines with a state of the art beach resorts. Coming to Montanita will leave in a state of a dilemma on whether to stay there permanently or go back since the life there is unimaginable. Montanita also boasts of world’s finest surfing conditions as well as active nightlife with several nightclubs and bars for entertainment.

Other popular tourism activities carried out in Ecuador include Kayaking, Swimming, surfing, skiing, white water rafting and many others.