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Active Volcanoes and Prehistory

Morona-Santiago, in southeastern Ecuador, is rich in natural beauty, with many rivers and a variety of trees species such as cedar, mahogany, canelón, and laurel. Like the other Amazonian provinces, several indigenous groups live here and adventure tourism is popular. The area has a typical wet, tropical climate with an average temperature of 21 degrees centigrade and a heavy rainfall.

Towns and Villages

Located in the Upano Valley near the Upano River, Macas, the provincial capital of Morona-Santiago, is surrounded by lush foothills. The Church of the Virgen Purísima, dating back to the beginning of the 17th century when it was built on top of the ancient and mythical <i>Sevilla de Oro</i>, is a big attraction. Another must-see destination is the town’s lookout point atop Quillano peak. Sucúa, home of the Shuar and Achuar Federation, is 27 km away while Gualaquiza, a popular spot with gold seekers, is 130 km away, flanked by the Zamora and Bobonaza rivers.


El Cóndor Park

Dating back to the Jurassic period, the 2,440-hectare El Cóndor Park is incredibly rich in flora and is also home to some unique wildlife, with 127 different types of mammals recorded within the Park’s boundaries. The Park is located to the east of both the Western Highlands and the Huaracayo Highlands. The Condor mountain range is the source of Zamora, Santiago, Coangos, and Namangoza rivers.


Sangay Ruins

Dating back to some time between 3000 and 3500 BC, this complex of fountains, roads, and 1,200 pyramids is a vestige of Ecuador's oldest cultures. The ruins are 30km from Macas.


Los Tayos Cave

Los Tayos Cave, 110 km from Macas, is home to the nocturnal Oilbird. Many legends exist about these caves. According to locals, their depths hide valuable treasures.


Volcano Sangay

Towering above the jungle with its base 30 km from the provincial capital, volcanically active Sangay (5230 m) makes for an imposing backdrop against the sea of green in which it sites.


Upano River

Rafting on the Upani River is one of the most thrilling experiences the Amazon has to offer. You can also swim and hike nearby.



The Tzantzas (the shrinking of animal heads, especially monkeys) Festival of the Shuars is famous throughout the country.


Map of Morona-Santiago, Ecuador

Province's Capital Road Cities
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Sangay El C?ndor


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