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Ecuador is a country located in the northwestern parts of the South American continent straddling the equator with a Pacific Ocean coastline. The country is sandwiched between Colombia to the northeast part and Peru to the south and eastern parts. The country’s capital is known as Quito, and the flag consists of three primary color; yellow on top, violet in the middle and red at the bottom. A multicolored bowl like symbols is strategically placed at the center of the flag.


Ecuador uses US dollar as its prime currency for carrying out trading activities. However, other currencies such as Ecuadorian Centro and us coins are also used by the Ecuador government.

Ten percent of Ecuador land is covered by water, and the remaining 90 percent is covered by land. The total area covered by Ecuador is 283,561 kilometers squared of which 6,720 kilometers squared is covered by water and the remaining 274841 kilometers squared covered by land. The population of this country is estimated to be over 15 million by 2015 a number that has increased from the recorded 14 million in the year 2008 showing a positive population growth rate. Many Ecuador citizens go to Catholic Church making it the dominant church in the whole country commanding 95.67 percent of the whole population.

Ecuador boasts a rich heritage of natural and scenic mountains with the highest active volcano, Cotopaxi, found in this country. Several cities and sites such as Galapagos islands and the city of Cuenca in this country are currently listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites showing how highly regarded Ecuador is when it comes to natural heritage.

The history of Ecuador dates back to the ancient medieval times in 1830 when the North American civil war was starting. It is one of the countries that emerged from Gran Colombia after it was defeated during the war consequently leading to its collapse in 1831.Other countries that were formed after the collapses were Colombia and Venezuela. However, after formation of Ecuador, things did not go smoothly for the Ecuador authorities. It participated in several wars with its neighbors and between 1904 and 1942; the country surrendered its territories to its enemies in a series of wars with the neighboring nations.

Ecuador is a country that experiences many climatic zones; there is tropical rain forest that extends in the Amazon jungle to the southern parts of the country. There are also cooler and dryer lands that extend to the coastlines of the country. Since it lies on the equator, it means there are no severe climatic conditions such as winter and summer. However, there are both wetter and drier seasons in Ecuador. For instance, the dire seasons starts in July and stays up to November while the wetter seasons start in December and extends up to June. With the diverse climatic conditions in this country, you can typically choose the type of climate you want to experience by simply travelling to the part of the country experiencing such climatic condition.

The crime level in Ecuador used to be very high in the 90s, but by several government policies and regulations, the crime level has reduced to a great extent. In fact, the country as quickly becomes the safest place in the whole of South and Central America. Statistics shows that it violent crime rate is half that in the United States. The safest places Ecuador have been identified as Cuenca and Loja cities.

The environment of Ecuador is a friendly place where you can stay the whole year without any discomfort. The favorable environment is widely attributed to favorable climatic conditions in this country. Given that is situated on the equator, extreme climatic conditions such as winter are not experienced in Ecuador. The diverse plants and animals also beautify the environment of the country. Ecuador has over 20,000 species of plants and over 2000 species of animals including reptiles, amphibians and mammals. All these combined with scenic mountainous terrains gives this country an edge in an environment where you can come, relax and enjoy without any disturbance.

The country also boasts of several cities such as;

Quito which is the capital of the country. It boasts a rich heritage, and it is considered a historic centre in Latin America.

• Ambato, which is centrally located in Ecuador. It is well known for hosting special celebration during the Carnival season.

Riobamba, which is the famous starting point of the train ride down the Nariz Del Diablo. It is also an entrance to the Chimborazo, a scenic highest peak in the country.

• Banos located at the foot of Volcano Tungurahua, which have small eruptions of lava and ash. A lot of hot springs is also in the town.

• Cuenca. It is the most peaceful and the third largest town in Ecuador.

• Guayaquil, which is the largest city, and also is a home to Ecuador’s largest port.

Loja. It is the oldest city in Ecuador. It was formerly a colonial city before being abandoned by colonialists. It also has the least population.